By clicks of mouse, we can easily finish online shopping. In China, most young people tend to buy clothes online. This is due to the convenience of online shopping and bad experience in physical clothing store: standing in a long queue to fitting rooms, picking clothes with crowds of people, getting wrong colors or sizes…How could we provide better shopping experience of physical clothing stores with the impact of online shopping?

“Fitting U” is a service design concept regarding better fitting experience in physical clothing stores. The major part of this service is a size measuring and fitting simulation machine. As a start, you can get product information by scanning Fitting U tag ,and get your body scanned by the 3D scanner system in the machine by which to get your size information. After that, every time you try on  new clothes on the virtual fitting system, you will get size recommendations as well as watching how the clothes look on you on the screen, then you can put selected clothes  in the “shopping cart” in your “Fitting U” app. In the end, you can get your clothes by either showing your shopping cart information to the service desk to get your clothes immediately or ask for a delivery service.

This project is a one-month service design workshop project, co-supervised by Tapani Hyvonen, founder and CEO of ED-Design Oy, Finland.






FittingU 主dds




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