As a famous Japanese brand for healthcare device, Omron has a large product series of electric toothbrush. The exterior style of these electric toothbrush are so much like medical device, which could be terrifying for new customers who have never use a electric toothbrush to accept one.

To motivate young and new customers to buy their first Omron electric toothbrush of the life, a significant change should be made on the exterior style and interactions. Here comes the Knobrush.

Inspired from the electronics design of Dieter Rams, the exterior feature of this electric toothbrush is its “retro style”. A knob in the upper part of the body enables the frequency adjustment of the brush. The bright color series makes it more attractive for young customers.

This project is the BS industrial design degree project of Guangdong University of Technology, China, sponsored by Omron and its OEM factory Kyokuto Electronics of Panyu, Guangzhou.






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