Sun and salt

As we’re living in a modern society, most of us have been connected to the water and electricity grid, However, there’re still billions of people who are still lack of reliable water and electricity resource. In some developing countries like India and Philippines, the demand for electricity and water are far more than actual production, which causes frequent electricity and water shortage problems. And more importantly, water shortage and electricity shortage, in many cases, don’t come alone.

Sun and salt, as abundant resources for us, could bring us clean water and electricity in an off-grid way. The principle is so simple that we could easily try them out at home: Using the heat of the sun to distill water, and to use salt water to produce electricity.

The “sun and salt” off-grid device help people to make preparations for frequent short-term electricity and water shortage. It has two parts: the outer part is a water distiller, which could be used to clarify gray water for daily cleaning or drinking, the inner part is adjustable light using salt water as the battery. A USB socket is also available on this device, which could be used to charge your phone. During the daytime, it could be used as a power bank and water distiller, and during night time it could be used to brighten up your room.

This is the thesis project in cooperation with IKEA.






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